Saturday, March 5, 2011

Standing Up for the Big Guy in Wisconsin

The protestors in Madison make, on average, three times what a typical taxpayer makes and have a benefit package for retirement and health care that the average Wisconsin citizen can only dream about. This is as if Marie Antoinette was out demonstrating in the streets of Paris for more champagne.

Students, of course, join in. There is no more privileged part of American society than college students, especially at elite schools like University of Wisconsin. The children of the average taxpayer in Wisconsin can't afford to attend University of Wisconsin, even if they could get in. But households headed by two public employees with income in the $ 200,000 plus area can certainly afford it .... and more, so long as taxpayers and bondholders are willing to pay for this largesse.

It is truly astounding that the wealthiest folks in Wisconsin, which, as a group, are the public employees, have such a "public be damned" attitude. Not since JP Morgan has the country witnessed such contempt for the average citizen as it evidenced by the demonstrators in Madison, Wisconsin.