Sunday, August 21, 2011

Reasons for Optimism

Reading this blog and following the markets can get one down after a while. So, what is there to feel good about. Several things.

First and most important, the world is now fully cognizant of the profligate ways of the Western economies. This is a plus.

Second, the Asian economies and some scattered others are motoring along quite nicely and they are not enacting the kind of poison pill social policies that destroyed the Western economies. At least not yet.

Third, government bureaucrats have not yet caught up with technology, though they are trying to. It is still possible to come up with a new technological idea and put it out there without drowning in red tape (which is what happens to you in the bricks and mortar economy).

Fourth, the global warming folks are losing their audience, though they still have President Obama dutifully in attention.

Fifth, left-leaning Americans are mad at Obama.

Sixth, Paul Ryan might run for President

So, rejoice, buy stocks.....all is not lost