Tuesday, November 15, 2011

OWS: Gimme, Gimme

Occupy Wall Street is not about a political argument really. It is simply the idea that some folks are entitled and others are not. The protestors are "demanding" various things that they claim are theirs by right -- mostly they want things other people have worked hard to obtain.

Instead of putting their shoulder to the wheel and working to accomplish things in life, the protestors want others -- the rich, they say -- to fund them. College graduates after four years of fun frequenting the local bar scene on government (taxpayer) loan funding, now, with sociology degree in hand, want high paying jobs for which they have no qualifications.

None of this is really about politics. This is merely the anthem of the entitlement -- give me what others have because I am me and I am entitled. Not much else going on.

People with real responsibilities do not have time for this. They are busy out working hard either at their job or they are working hard looking for a job. Only the entitled need to do neither. Hopefully, the "entitled" are not 99 percent, but a much smaller percentage of our society.

Eventually as more and more people join the "entitled," you arrive at the situation Europe finds itself in. Everyone wants free this and free that. Unfortunately, there aren't enough "rich" people or naive bondholders to permit this situation to go on indefinitely.